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Health Care


The Houston Health Centre is located at 3202 14th St., and can be reached at (250) 845-2294. It is a community health centre providing a wide range of medical services to the residents of Houston and surrounding area.


Houston Health Centre provides:


Ambulatory Medical Services
Medical Laboratory
Home Nursing Care
Home Support Services
Community Health Promotion
Diabetic & Dietetic Counselling
Hospice Program
Prenatal Instruction


Houston Health Centre also houses:


Public Health 250-845-3443
Ambulance 250-845-2900
Physiotherapy 250-845-2294
Massage Therapy 250-845-2294 


Additional Health-related Services in Houston:


Steelhead Medical Centre 2380 Poulton Ave. 250-845-2521
Dr. Odoh Houston Primary Care Clinic 250-845-5972
Dr. Vestvik (Women's Health) Houston Health Center 250-845-4039

Bulkley Valley Chiropractors 2433 Poulton Ave. 250-845-7013

Mountainview Dental Clinic 206-3429 10th St. 250-845-7131

3250 14th St.  Contact: Arnold Amonson 250-845-2132

Service provided for wheelchair handicap and seniors.


Mental Health and Addiction Services Houston 3202 14th St. 250-845-5964

Northern Society for Domestic Peace #B 2430 Butler Ave. 250-845-3212

The educational facilities in Houston are many with opportunities available for pre-school ages to post-secondary education. Both public and private school systems are available. "Home-schooling" support can also be found in the community. Adult education programs are available through Northwest Community College and the Morice Community Skills Centre.

School District 54 (Bulkley Valley):
Silverthorne Elementary School 3455 13th St. 250-845-2228
Kindergarten to Grade 7

Twain Sullivan Elementary School 1771 Hungerford Dr. 250- 845-2227
Kindergarten to Grade7

Houston Secondary School 1771 Hungerford Dr. 250-845-7217
Grade 8 to Grade 12

Private Schools:
Parent Participation Pre-School 3554 11th St. 250-845-7777
Children ages 3-5

Houston Christian School 3025 Hillside Dr. 250-845-7736
Kindergarten to Grade 12

The Learning Centre 3221 14th St. 250-845-7266

Houston Link to Learning (high school, adult education, ESL, tutoring) 845-2727

Northwest Community College (post-secondary, special interest) 250-845-7266

Beanstalk Childcare Centre 3554 11th St. 250-845-7777

Play and Learn With Friends 3324 Parish Rd. 250-845-7350

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