Fire Department

The Houston Fire Department was formed in 1957 upon the incorporation of the Village of Houston. Houston's first fire truck is on display in front of the Fire Hall, a converted 1942 GM army vehicle. We have come a long way starting with one converted truck and less that 10 volunteers to 3 - factory built Fire Engines, 1 Rescue Unit, & a Command pickup operated by 30 volunteers, & a full time Fire Chief today. Last year our dedicated volunteers responded to 95 calls totalling more than 1700 hours. 47 of these calls were of a medical nature or as we call them 'First Responder' calls. In addition to the calls the Fire Fighters put in over 2500 hours training to hone their skills for the unexpected.


Emergency 911

Non-emergency  phone number (250) 845-2250

Fax (250) 845-2273

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