Getting Here

Houston is located in Northwestern B.C., midway between Prince George and Prince Rupert, along Highway 16. Highway 16 links British Columbia with Northern Alberta and Highway 37, the route to the Yukon and Alaska.
Via Rail and CN Rail transport goods and people by rail through Houston. Goods are transported to and from the ports of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Ridley Island. Via Rail operates the "Skeena Line" from Jasper, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, to the northern coastline in Prince Rupert. The Skeena Line route takes Via rail passengers through Houston 6 days per week (includes both East and West trips).
Greyhound Bus Lines stops in Houston twice a  day, once daily for Eastbound and once daily for Westbound.
Air Canada, Hawk Air, and Central Mountain Air  provide worldwide connections from Houston via Smithers, a 45-minute drive west of Houston.


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